Photo exhibition about the children of Donbass in Athens
With great success has the opening of the international photo exhibiton "101 Life" taken place, dedicated to the children victims of the war which the Kiev regime has unleached against the civilian population of eastern Ukraine.
Besides the truly shocking photographs, the exhibition is accompanied by a list of names of the children who fell victims to the neonazi barbarity, as well as two petitions: a petition-protest to the United Nations Human Rights Council concerning the violations of human rights by Ukraine in Donbass and a petition to stop the bombings against civilians and the murders of children.
The opening of the exhibition was attended by dozens of citizens, journalists and representantives of political parties and other organisations.
The organiser of the exhibition Andreas Zafeiris stressed that when the glance of a child confronts fascism, it will prevail in the end. The representative of the Campaign "A school for Donbass", Maria Kalyva-Prifti, stressed the importance of the presence of the greek minority in the area, while the representative of the antifascist solidarity group "Save Donbass-Greece", Maria Nikiforou, pointed out the importance of the latest developments in the area and their implications in Greece.
The exhibition will remain at Space 2510, where it is hosted for 5 days and then it will also move to other parts of Greece, acting as a bridge of information and friendship between the two peoples.