Exhibition in support of project «101 life» opened in Berlin

Public organization Mothers of the war (Мűtter gegen den Krieg. Berlin-Brandenburg) arranged the event.

The even attended by German movie Editor Mark Bartalmay, who filmed two documentaries about events in Donbass, directors-documentarists Wilhelm-Donke Shultz and Nelya Oystrah, social activist Oleg Musyka, and many citizens of Germany, representatives of German Mass Media.

Photos that show realities of Donbass in conditions of military actions were presented, portraits of perished children of Donbass written by the Donetsk painter Viktor Kochanov, and video Killed Children of Donbass.

Moreover, all participants of the event we offered to sign the petition with demand to stop the war in Donbass that will be sent to the Council on Human Rights UNO.