Photo exhibition in support of the project “101 life” held in Verona February, 27

This event held thankfully to the chairman of the Official Center in Italy Eliseo Bertolazi. Among specials guests was Luca Bertoni, he is a member of the Association Lombardy-Russia who has visited recently the Donetsk People’s Republic, on the delegation of Italian entrepreneurs and social activists.

Lubov’ Aleksandrovna , mother of perished Danil Lutsenko told by Skype to not indifferent citizens of Italy who gathered at the event about the most tragic day of her life-August 24, 2014, when her son was killed by the shelling of Ukrainian military units.

Photos that reflect realities of life in Donbass in conditions of military actions, portraits of children perished in Donbass written by the Donetsk painter Viktor Kochanov were presented at the exhibition. Moreover, at the exhibition was signature collection under the petition with demand to stop the war in Donbass that would be sent to the UN Human Rights Organization.

The exhibition is in Italy since February 27 to March 4, 27-28 February in Verona, since March 2 in Turin.